Adopted Resolutions


2023        2023 Scheduled Meeting Dates                                       Reorganization Resolutions  

               Reorganization Additional                                                  Shared Service Agreement

                 2023 Resolutions          Consolidation Discussion of Jackson Fire Dist. No. 2 and 3


2022        Adopted Budget and Election Resolution                        Adopted Budget Resolution

                 Multiple Resolutions          Commissioner Salaries             Designating Depositories

                 Scheduled Meeting Dates


2021        Adopted Budget Resolution      Scheduled Meeting Dates        Multiple Resolutions

                 Bond Resolution                              Local Finance Board                     Special Meeting


2020        Multiple Resolutions                 JFA Building Use               March Multiple Resolutions

                 Meeting Dates                            Hydrant Locks                                       Ballot Question

                 Audit Report Acceptance         


2019       March Multiple Resolutions               Radios and Pagers                       Special Meeting

                Multiple Resolutions from 2019


2018       Calendar Year Resolutions

2017       Calendar Year Resolutions

2016       Calendar Year Resolutions

2015       Resolution to Sell Old Equipment