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January 17-The resolution of establishing the creation of Fire District 3 is passed by Jackson Twp Committee.

March 6, 1956 - The first meeting of the newly elected Board of Fire Commissioners was held with Board members M. Cymmerman, M. Klein, B. Hankins, T. Snider and W. Tietter. Burtes Hankins was elected Board Chairman . A resolution is passed amending the January 17th ordinance changing Fire District 3 borders and territory. The operarating budget was defeated and by unanimous decision of the Board it was agreed to conduct no further business until next years fire election. (Resolution Click here)


January 10- A budget was prepared by the Board for vote on February 16th in the amount of $2,500

March 11- Burtes Hankins was re-elected Board Chairman and Ken Tietter replaced M. Cymmerman on the Board. The budget of $2,500 was approved but won't be available until July. A motion was passed that members of the Board would not receive pay compensation for their duties even though State law allows it.


March 1- Burtes Hankins was re-elected Board Chairman and the budget of $2,500 was approved.


March 5- Burtes Hankins was re-elected Board Chairman and the budget of $3,000 was approved. A motion was made that meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Hulses Corner Rd firehouse.

July 16- The board discussed the Township ordinance creating a water company and allowing fire hydrants installation. The fire district would be responsible for the cost of the hydrants at $125.00 a piece. Because of the cost to the fire district taxpayers a letter was sent to the Township to allow fire hydrants but the fire district would have the final say.

August 20- Board purchases first air packs for the fire co. Discussion on purchasing land for a new firehouse

October 16- The Board, concerned with the relationship with the fire co. in financial, ownership, maintenance and legality of operations would contact the fire co membership to assume ownership of a GMC pumper and pay rent in lieu of paying building expenses.

November 19- The Fire co was in accord with the Boards planned relationship with the fire co and wanted to carry it to a fuller extent. After further discussion the Board would look into making an offer to purchase all fire equipment ( two trucks) for $12,000 and pay rental fee of $65.00 per month.


March 17- Burtes Hankins was re-elected Board Chairman and the budget of $3,000 was approved 50 to 1

November 17- After discussions with the auditor and the Fire co about the Boards financial and legal relationship with the Fire co., the Board offered to assume control of all fire equipment for a total of $3,000.00, pay a rental fee to house the trucks of $300.00 a year, continue to pay the mortgage and purchase new equipment.

December 31- The Fire co approved the financial & legal relationship deal the Board offered on November 17th


February 23- Burtes Hankins was re-elected Board Chairman, C. Sturm replaces T. Snider on the Board. The budget of $3,800 was approved.


February 19- Burtes Hankins was re-elected Board Chairman the budget of $4,400 was approved.

November 17- It was discussed that the fire district ratable's would not pay for the extra fire protection needed for the amount of building growth the fire district is experiencing. The Board unanimously voted to hold an election for a $20,000 bond issuance to help pay for the extra fire protection needed. The bond is to be used to purchase a pumper with a tank of not less than 1,500 gallons and a pump not less than 500 gpm.


February 18- Burtes Hankins Board Chairman-Board established meeting dates of the 3rd Monday of the month. Budget approved $9,300 40 Yes 2 No

April 28- Special meeting held to expedite bond issue to purchase badly needed equipment after a disastrous wildfire that swept the district and Township.

May 15- Board assumed liability and purchase of all equipment in the fire district

May 22- Special meeting to open bids and awarded to H & H Tank Co. for $8,460.00 for a new Tanker


January 20- New tank truck in service

February 17-Burtes Hankins Board Chairman- Budget 18,900 approved 38 to 0


February 15- Discussion on switching from phone notification to purchasing electronic call system upon passage of the budget

March 15-Ken Tietter Chairman -Budget of $25,900 passed 62 to 24

April 15- First Joint Board of Fire Commissioners of Districts 1,2,3 & 4 held a meeting to discuss and implement new dispatching center at Jackson Police Department. Discussion was held on further joint Board meetings and Township fire code.

June 21- Board purchased 34 plectrons

July 7- Bid awarded to Orr Mortars for $4611.00 for a utility truck

August 16- Discussed removing fire phones from members homes.

October 18-Bond approved for $34,000 for a 1,000 gallon pumper & equipment


January 19-Bid awarded to Hahn for 32,890.00 purchasing a 1,000 gpm pumper

February 21-Charlie Sturm- Board Chairman Budget $26,600 passed 136 to 38

February 21- Fire Chief Paul Loeser requested the Board to adopt a fire code. Board to contact other districts

October 17- Discussion on acquisition of land from Jackson Water Utility in Robins Estates for expansion


February 20-Chairman Sal Giliberti-Budget $28,275.00 approved 41 to 14

May 1- Joint Board meeting of Fire Districts 1 ,3, & 4 commenced to discuss the establishment of the new fire code

August 21- Township and Board agree on a piece of land in Robin Estates for FD expansion. Fire Code ordinance is being drafted for the August 28th Township meeting. Board approves owning all equipment purchased by the fire police.

October 16- Township approved on 10/5 the new fire code and receive four names to appointment of Fire Inspector.

November 20- Board appoints Paul Loeser as the Fire Districts first Fire Inspector.


January 15- Township resolution was read granting a piece of property to the Board of Fire Commissioners

February 19- Chairman George Leffler Budget $33,465 approved 23 to 3. Board received new property deed in Robin Estates Hulses Rd

August 9- George Leffler resigns due to job transfer R Gibson is appointed Chairman


February 17- Chairman Arnold Iverson. Budget $38,000 approved by 40 to 0

April 21- The Mack tractor and trailer tanker is sold to Applegarth Fire Co for $250.00

August 18- Commissioners discuss response to riots

August 26- Commissioners hold special meeting to outline job specification for a new career firefighter


January 19- Richard Zimmerman is hired temporarily as the Districts first career firefighter effective hire date of February 2nd.

March 16- Chairman Arnold Iverson. Budget $40,250 approved 69 to 21 Bond proposition approved 74 to 21

April 20- Board approves preliminary plans for new firehouse 

June 29- Bids awarded for new fire apparatus Larsen Ford (Chasis) Hahn Fire Apparatus (Body)

December 21- Paul Zimmerman is hired to replace Richard Zimmerman as career firefighter


April 19- Chairman Arnold Iverson

September 28- Firefighter P. Zimmerman is approved to beginning training as a Fire Inspector and begin fire inspections


February 21- Chairman Francis Fay Budget $74,312 approved 25-0. Received property deed from Township for $10.00 at Brewers Bridge Rd

March 11- Dominic Bussiculo replaces Firefighter Zimmerman who resigned effective March 31st


February 19-Chairman Charles Henry Budget $92,500 approved 12 to 7. Commissioners promote Firefighter Bussiculo to Fire Inspector 2nd grade.. New firehouse progressing

March 19- Ocean County changes fire apparatus ID numbers from 800 series to 400 series. District 3 is allocated 431 to 445

March 24- Bids received for offices at new firehouse

June 2- Fire Prevention Bureau to be established. Fire Inspector Bussicullo will be in charge

August 6- Board appoints Richard Venni to a career firefighter position effective August 16th

August 20- Discussed purchase of a 100' 1948 Seagrave Ladder truck for $11,000 and expansion of the Larsen rd firehouse to house it


Tanker 439 responds to Kings Furniture Fire


September 29- Joint Board of Fire Commissioners of Fire District 2, 3 & 4 establish a Mutual Services Agreement creating the Jackson Bureau of Fire Prevention of Fire District 2, 3 & 4. Paul Baumgarten is appointed Fire Official


March 17- President Angelo Diange

May 19- Frank Jankech appointed as full time career firefighter

July 21- Ray Van Marter is appointed full time career firefighter replacing firefighter Charles Smith who resigned . Board appoint Bonnie brown as Administrative Clerk


March 16- President Angelo Diange. Board excepts bids of purchase from the public for the following apparatus- $530.00 for 1963 International and the 1977 Ford brush truck for $530.00. Board purchases a Chevy Caprice7 vehicle for the Fire Inspector on state bid for $12, 138


December 31- Board of Fire Commisioners express a desire to pullout of the Mutual Services agreement that established Bureau of Fire Safety District 2, 3, & 4 with intention to hand over inspection to the Ocean County Fire Marshals Office. Instead the Dept of Community Affairs inform the Commissioners that Jackson Township would be next inline to assume L.E.A. responsibilities if the district and fire department turn it down. Jackson Township Building Department, already doing District 1 fire inspections, excepts LEA responsibilities in District 3 and merges with District 1 to create Jackson Bureau of Fire Prevention District 1 & 3. John Sodl is the municipal Fire Official for District 3.


May 10- Part time firefighters Frank McDonnell and Gerard Moroney are appointed to full time career firefighter positions. Firefighter Ken Byrnes is promoted to replaces District Administrator George Wilson who resigned.


December 15- NJ Department of Personnel requires all employees in the competitive division of career service that have reached permanent status are classified under NJ DOP titles according to their duty and responsibility. The NJ DOP classifies Ken Byrnes as Fire Chief, Firefighters-UFD John Schoch, Frank McDonnell and Gerard Moroney, Administrative Clerk Bonnie Brown and Assistant Administrative Clerk Shanon Zimmerman.


March 18- A resolution authorizing part time fire inspection services from firefighters Frank McDonnell & Ken Byrnes through an Interlocal Service Agreement with Jackson Township Building Department is approved by the Township Committee.


December 27- Township Resolution 24-99 amends the Township Fire Code creating Fire District 3 as a Local Enforcement Agency of the NJ State Fire Code.


January 1- The Jackson Bureau of Fire Safety District 3 is formally re-established within the Fire District 3. Chief Ken Byrnes is appointed Fire Official- UFD and Firefighter-UFD  Frank McDonnell is appointed Fire Prevention Specialist UFD.

July 20- Chief Byrnes is reclassification as Deputy Fire Chief-UFD.  


September 11- New Jersey is in a State of Emergency and the Fire District is put on Standby after the World Trade Center is attacked and sends rescue 5503 to the World Trade Center (Ground Zero) to assist in rescue operations. Firefighter Gerard Moroney is activated by the NJ USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) to respond and assist in the rescue operations at the World Trade Center (Ground Zero).


          March 4- Fire Prevention Specialist Frank McDonnell is promoted to Fire Official- UFD. 



All Jackson Fire Districts switch radio frequencies from low band (33.80) to high band (508.1875) 

Board enters into an Interlocal Service Agreement with the Commissioners of Fire District 1 to provide two (2) firefighters to cover there station during daytime hours.

All Jackson Fire District 's switch from Jackson Police Dispatching to Ocean County Sheriffs Dept as primary fire dispatch


January 1- District 3 Commissioners enter into an Interlocal Service Agreement with District 1 Commissioners merging & establishing a Bureau of Fire Safety Fire District No 1 & 3 

 July 17- Board authorizes Resolution promoting Deputy Chief Ken Byrnes to the position of Fire Chief-UFD supervising career staff 


October1- Chief Ken Byrnes retires from the Fire District

December - Lt. Ed Moore is promoted to Captain



July 1- Board of Fire Commissioners of Fire Districts 2 & 3 sign an interlocal service agreement merging both Fire Bureaus together. The  merger creates the Jackson Bureau of Fire Safety Districts 1 * 2 * 3.


History being compiles by Fire Official Frank McDonnell any additions or errors please contact me at (732) 928-1666x14 or