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                                    204-11. NON LIFE HAZARD REGISTRATION FEES

Type Use                             Size of Buildings

Required Fee


Under 500



M  501 to 1,499


N 1,500 to 2,499



O 2,500 to 3,499



P 3,500 to 4,999



Q 5,000 to 6,499


R 6,500 to 7,499



S 7,500 to 8,499



T 8,500 to 9,999



U 10,000 and above


$275  plus $20 per additional 1,000 sf

Common Area Multifamily Condominiums and Townhouses (R-5 Use Group)

Type Use

Number of Buildings


Required Fee


1 to 4




5 to 9




10 to 14




15 to 19




20 and above


$500 plus $10 per building > 20

Common Area Commercial Complexes

Type Use

Number of Rental Units


Required Fee


1 to 4




5 to 10




11 to 15




16 to 20




21 to 25




26 or over



Hotels and Motels

Type Use

Number of Rooms

Required Fee


100 or fewer (non-LHU)

$225 initial; $5 per unit ($200)


Type Use

Number of Campsites

Required Fee


1 to 20



21 to 30



31 to 40



41 and over



204-12. Permit requirements; exemptions; fees.

A. Permits shall be obtained from the Fire Official having jurisdiction of the fire district for any of those activities listed in N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.7 of the NJUFC, and any amendments, supplements, and rules and regulations thereto. Fees for these permits must be collected before a permit can be issued.
B. All nonprofit organizations, municipal government and religious organizations shall be exempt from permit fees.
C. Permit fees shall be as follows:
(1) Type 1: $42.
(2) Type 2: $166.
(3) Type 3: $331.
(4) Type 4: $497.

204-13. Construction plan review.

A. Plan review and submittal. Submission to the Fire Official having jurisdiction shall include any plans submitted to the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment for the development, construction or improvement of properties. The Fire Official shall submit requirements to the applicant and the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment prior to the applicant's board hearing. The Township's engineering firm, in conjunction with the Fire Official plan review requirements, shall conduct a site inspection before a permit is closed for compliance and issued a certificate of occupancy by the Construction Official.

B. Plans submitted to the Fire Official shall include one set of full construction plans that include building, fire, plumbing, mechanical, and utility drawings, and two sets of site plans. Site plans shall include, but not be limited to, to-scale plans of the site, location and size of fire lanes, zones, water mains, drafting locations, fire hydrants, Fire Department connections, exterior drives, fire-protection equipment, doorways, use of rooms, high-hazard materials, and utility controls.

C. Any administrative approval by the Planning Board for alterations or additions to a previously approved site plan shall be forwarded to the Fire Official for review, recommendations, and approval, prior to the Planning Board issuing its approval.
D. Fire hydrants. The Fire Official having jurisdiction shall approve fire hydrant locations and quantity. At a minimum, hydrants shall be spaced so that the traveled distance between hydrants does not exceed 500 linear feet. Fire hydrants shall comply with JTMUA rules and regulations. Fire hydrant barrels shall be painted silver, and the cap and bonnet shall comply with NFPA standards based on water flow. Fire hydrants located on dry water systems shall be entirely painted black.
E. Site or subdivision plan fee. Each applicant shall pay the following fees to the Bureau of Firesafety for review of any site or subdivision plans:
(1) Initial review of any site or subdivision plan: $75.
(2) Review of any resubmitted site or subdivision plan, payable upon resubmission: $35.
(3) Variance site plan review: $25.

204-14. Violations and penalties.

A. All penalties under the NJUFC shall be adopted for the purpose of enforcing this chapter, except those penalties imposed hereinafter for violations of this chapter which are not included within the NJUFC.
B. False fire alarm. The Fire Official may assess penalties for violations of 204-5K herein as follows:
(1) Three false fire alarms within a thirty-day period: $100.
(2) Fifth and subsequent false fire alarms within one calendar year: $200 per occurrence, in addition to remedies available within the NJUFC and the UCC.
C. Obstruction penalty. Any person who shall violate 204-6Aor B or 204-7C, as listed herein, shall be punished by a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $250, and, at the discretion of the code official charged with enforcement of this regulation, a vehicle may be towed or the obstruction or property otherwise removed. The cost of removal, towing and storage shall be charged to the owner of the vehicle or property and shall be paid prior to the release of said vehicle or property.
D. Any person or corporation who shall violate any other provision of the NJUFC or who fails to comply therewith or shall violate or fail to comply with an order made hereunder shall be punished by a fine of not more than $2,000 or by imprisonment of not more than 90 days, or both, at the discretion of the court before which such conviction is held, by civil action summary proceeding under the Penalty Enforcement LawEditor's Note: See N.J.S.A. 2A:58-10 et seq. in Municipal Court
                                                                             Jackson Fire Prevention Code Ch 204


1. Can I make an appointment to schedule my inspections?
Due to demands on the fire department we cannot guarantee a specific date and time for the inspection. We try to keep within the date and time for re-inspections scheduled however there are no guarantees due to fire department emergency response needs. However under certain circumstances we will make an appointment for inspection.

2.If I receive a bill or inspection notice after I have sold my property or business, what should I do? Contact the Fire Bureau at 732-928-1666x14 or send a letter stating your property has been sold and vacant.

3. What code requirements will the fire department look for when conducting the inspection?
Following is a list of the most common items which, when maintained improperly have the potential for significant injury to occupants and may cause unnecessary damage to structures see fire inspection checklist.

4. What happens if I do not correct the deficiencies found during the inspection?
Inspectors conduct additional inspections in an effort to gain compliance. After the third inspection, the case will be sent to the Fire Official for enforcement. Inspectors will implement enforcement along with the penalties, ranging from civil penalties up to $5000 per/deficiency per/day depending on the severity of the deficiency, until such time as the deficiency is corrected. Enforcement will continue up to and including charges filed in Municipal Court.

5. Can I appeal the inspection fee?
Yes, appeal procedures are written in the back of the violations form.

6. How do I request a fire inspection?
Request 24-48 hours in advance by calling (732)928-1666x14, Monday thru Thursday. Most Inspections are scheduled by the Fire Bureau to a specific month but certain agencies require a Certificate of Inspection sooner than the the assigned month.

7. Is there any cost associated with a fire inspection?
Yes see the registration fee schedule

8. How do I submit commercial construction plans and how does the plan review process work?
Two sets of paper plans or one set of electronic plans are submitted to the Fire Official for review . Mailing address is Jackson Bureau of Fire Safety 200 Kierych Memorial D Jackson NJ 08527. See the construction review fee for further information. Electronic plans can be sent to fmcdonnell@jacksonfiredist3.org