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ESTABLISHMENT & enforcement The Local Enforcing Agency (L.E.A.) known as the Jackson Township Bureau of Fire Safety Fire District No 3 was established by ordinance by the Board of Fire Commissioners to enforce the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Safety Act in all buildings, structures and premises, other than owner occupied one and two family dwellings, within Jackson Township Fire District No. 3. The Local Enforcement Agency reinforces the need for owners & tenants of buildings to adhere to laws concerning fire and life safety. Building owners who adhere to the laws of fire safety enhance the safety of firefighters who respond as well as the public who visit. Code enforcement is a tool to educate the tenants and owners of the importance to keep a fire safe building.

FIRE OFFICIAL Frank McDonnell, a veteran firefighter since 1980, was promoted to Fire Official in March of 2002 after serving as Fire Prevention Specialist for four years. As Fire Official he serves as the Bureau Chief administrator of the Fire Bureau. The Fire Official is certified by NJ Department of Community Affairs who directs and administers the enforcement of provisions of relevant fire safety codes and related regulations. He also reviews construction plans and makes fire safety recommendations accordingly to the code.

Fire Official McDonnell oversees the Fire Safety Bureau budget and determines how best to serve the Fire District needs in fire safety programs and activities. The budget is established by income received annually from fire prevention inspections. He also establishes day to day operations and supervises the activities of Fire Company Inspectors. As Fire Official he is responsible to investigate or cause to be investigated every reported fire or explosion that involves loss of life or injury or causes destruction or damage to property within the Fire District.

FIRE INSPECTORS Career firefighters of Fire District's 3 also conduct fire inspections under the authority of the Fire Official  through the in-service fire company program. In addition to fire inspections, firefighters preplan commercial businesses mapping out hazards, utilities, building history and contact information. They also conduct fire prevention programs and demonstrations within the schools and community events.

MISSION STATEMENT Fire safety education is designed to develop or change the attitudes and behavior of men, women and children towards fire. It encompasses a wide spectrum of programs and activities directed towards such diverse audiences as school children, senior citizens, homeowners, employees, church and civic organizations. The main objective of fire safety education is to increase awareness of human actions that could lead to fires and to develop skills and knowledge to prevent fire or to minimize exposures in the case of fire. Educational programs help to obtain the cooperation of the citizens served by the fire department

CODE ENFORCEMENT is one of the major areas of responsibility for the fire bureau. Fire officials and inspectors are given the legal authority and responsibility to establish and maintain fire and life safety through out the fire district. Ultimately the citizens depend on the fire bureau to ensure they are protected against the dangers of fire, panic, explosions, and other hazardous conditions and there resulting effects that may occur within there fire district. Fire prevention inspections are the single most important non fire fighting activity performed by the fire service. A well planned fire safety and inspection program, executed by well trained individuals, can prevent many fires. Fires do not just happen, they are nearly always caused by an unsafe act or condition. Thus, practically every fire could have been prevented by eliminating the acts or conditions which contribute to the cause of the fire.


CONSTRUCTION PLAN REVIEW & SUBMITTAL Construction plans can be mailed or dropped off at Fire Bureau Office located at 200 Kierych Memorial Dr. Jackson NJ 08527 (732) 928-1666x14. Submission to the Fire Official having jurisdiction shall include any plans submitted to the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment for the development, construction or improvement of properties. The  Fire Official shall submit requirements to the Applicant, Planning or Zoning Board of Adjustment prior  to the applicant’s Board hearing. The township's engineering firm in conjunction with the Fire Official plan review requirements, shall conduct a site inspection before a permit is closed for compliance and issued a Certificate of Occupancy by the Construction Official. Click here for more information on submittals.

PLANS SUBMITTED  to the Fire Official shall include one set full construction plans that include building, fire, plumbing, mechanical, utility drawings and two sets of site plan. Site plans shall include, but not be limited to, to-scale plans of the site, location and size of fire lanes, zones, water mains, drafting locations, fire hydrants, fire department connections exterior drives, fire protection equipment, doorways, use of rooms, high hazard materials, and utility controls. Click here for more information on submittals 

ADMINISTRATIVE APPROVALS Any Administrative approval by the planning board for alterations, additions, to a previously approved site plan, shall be forwarded to the Fire Official for review, recommendations, and approval prior to planning issuing their approval.

FIRE HYDRANTS  The Fire Official having jurisdiction shall approve fire hydrant locations and quantity. At minimum, hydrants shall be spaced so that the traveled distance between hydrants does not exceed 500 linear feet. Fire hydrants shall comply with Jackson Twp. Municipal Utility Authority rules and regulation specifications specified by the Authority. Fire hydrant barrels shall be painted silver and the cap and bonnet shall comply with NFPA standards based on water flow. Fire hydrants located on dry water systems shall be entirely painted black. Click here for more information on submittals 

PLAN REVIEW FEE  Applicants can submit there construction plans to the Fire Bureau office at 200 Kierych Memorial Dr Jackson NJ 08527 attention Fire Official Frank McDonnell. Review fees of any construction, site or subdivision plans are $75, resubmissions are $35.00. Variance review fee is $25.00. Review fee checks can be written out to the Jackson Bureau of Fire Safety No. 3. Click here for more information on submittals 

Rapid Entry Box and Key System (Knox Box) The owner, tenant and/or occupant of said building and/or structure which has an automatic fire suppression system or fire alarm system, exempting owner-occupied single- and two-family dwellings are required to have installed on the same a rapid entry box and key system to allow access to the same and access to boiler rooms, sprinkler control valves, electrical rooms, elevators and elevator control rooms and other locked areas of the premises as may be required by the Bureau of Fire Prevention or Fire Official of the fire district in which said building or structure is located. Click here for more information

Agricultural Open Burning Fire Permit New Jersey Administrative Code 7:27 Subchapter 2 “Control and Prohibition of Open Burning” requires that the Forest Fire Service administer and issue permits for the following, Infested Plant Life, Herbaceous Plant Life and Hedgerows, Orchard Prunings and Cullings, Agricultural Land Clearing. Contact New Lisbon office at (609) 726-9010 or NJFFS Cick here

Recreational Fire Permit (Campfires The “ General Forest Fire Act” (N.J.S.A. 13:9 et. Al.) requires that before having any fire within a forested area, you must contact the nearest Forest Fire Service office to request a permit. Contact New Lisbon office at (609) 726-9010 or NJFFS Cick here

Change Of Use Group It shall be unlawful to change the use of any structure or portion thereof without the prior application for and issuance of a certificate of occupancy. A certificate of occupancy shall be issued provided such structure shall comply with the provisions of N.J.A.C. 5:23-6, Rehabilitation Sub code. Contact the Jackson Twp Division of Inspections located at 95 W Veterans Highway Jackson NJ 08527 (732) 928-1200 or by their website by clicking here

Continuation of Existing Use Group The legal use of any structure existing on the effective date of the regulations may be continued without change, except as may be specifically provided in these regulations or in any property or fire safety maintenance code, or minimum housing standard or regulation, adopted pursuant to law. Contact the Jackson Twp Division of Inspections located at 95 W Veterans Highway Jackson NJ 08527 (732) 928-1200 or by their website.

FIRE REPORTS Copies of fire report, fire inspection or investigation report please fill out an OPRA Request Form Versions  Word or  PDF

Fire Safety Permits The NJ State Uniform Fire Code requires fire safety permits for activities such as:

1.Open Flame at Public Gatherings (Cooking)                                   


3.Kitchen Commercial Hood Suppression Systems

4.Firework Displays

5.Welding & Cutting

6.Tar Pot / Kettle

7.Torch-Down Roofing

8.Group Overnight Stays

9.Flammable or Combustible Storage

10.LPG Exchange Program

11.Tents, Canopies & Mazes

12.Campfires or agricultural burning permits contact Division B Forest Fire Warden at New Lisbon HQ (609) 726-9010

13.Use of Assembly Spaces and a host of other activities. 

 Click the following for a fire safety permit form and fees




Life Hazard Use registration and fees must be done online with the NJ Division of Fire Safety RIMS Program

     DCA RIMS Online

Business Owner Letter

Life Hazard Use Registration RIMS 

RIMS Help Page

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